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Re: SEUL: Re: web page help..

Just a couple of quick thoughts. First, I've felt that seul-edu has lost many good
discussions to the archives and that they should have been preserved as web pages
connected to the projects list. For example the gradebook features that Tim Wilson
just mentioned on seul-edu. I would be more than happy to go through the archives
and pull things together if someone is willing to put them up on the web site. I
hope to soon be able to do more and more as I get familiar with things. We now have
a new computer and a new ISP. Starting to feel fairly comfortable with Netscape. The
new computer is dual booted with Windows and RedHat 6.0. The next step is getting
familiar with the Linux side especially connecting to the internet. Finally way back
I made a number of suggestions for the SEUL web site. If anyone is interested I will
go back to the archives and retrieve them.