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Re: SEUL: Re: web page help..

> > > > -  Skills
> > > >       * Perl : Average abilitiy still got lot to learn.
> > > >        * Linux: loads of experience about 3 years(run two linux boxes at
> > > > home, 3 at work).
> > > >        * Gimp: not much experience
> > > >        * Computers in general: Network/System Administrator of a small
> > > > network at work/school.
> > > >        * Enlgish: written/speaking fluent.
> > > > - time available: 10 hours a week maybe.

Wow, it looks like this comes from that page I wrote AGES ago on what
skills were needed... nice to see my stuff is still around!

> > I agree with Roger on all the possibilities he listed.  One thing that
> > we talked about in the past was to try to come up with a SEUL "style"
> > that all the SEUL pages could use.  The SEUL home page and the seul-edu
> > mainpage share similar looks, but we haven't propogated the look on to
> > all the subsidiary pages.

Is sdoc still being used?
Regardless, i suggest looking into CSS - more and more people are using
supporting browsers these days, and it degrades gracefully if not... also
if sdoc is no longer in use take a look at www.hitop.org, it's a fairly
nice preprocessor that does stuff like navbars automatically...
documentation is a bit sparse and i'm told the code is horrible though.


Windows 9x/NT are real 'Operating Systems'. They do whatever the hell
they want to,  whenever they feel likeit.  Thus all the rest should be
called 'Co-Operating Systems'
Simon Waldman, England          email: swaldman@bigfoot.com