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Re: SEUL: re: project which needs web hosting

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> The only catch is your including 'usenet' in the list. I'm confused about
> what you mean. Do you just mean that you want to be able to read that
> hierarchy from the machines, or is it more complex than that? (I've used
> usenet, and I've admin'ed Linux machines for many years, but I've never
> combined the two, so please forgive my ignorance.)
> >   usenet (small hiearchy: freemware.*)
> >
It seems clear to me from the list that he'd like to have a news server
running that is the home site for this hierarchy (sort of like
forum.linuxworld.com).  This would require running INN or an equivalent
on belegost.  I compiled and adminned INN on a UnixWare 1.1.3 system
back in the INN 1.3-1.4 days (actually, I figured out the configuration
changes necessary to get it running and passed them back to Rich Salz),
but I haven't looked at it in a while.  As I recall it's a fairly easy
install on Linux, and so long as you're not taking a usenet feed from
anywhere else it's not terribly resource intensive.  Heck, it might even
be useful in some way for other SEUL groups.

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