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SEUL: Re: project which needs web hosting

> Roger,
> Thanks for the quick reply!  Someone in holland jumped
> in, set up a site for me with all the desired features,
> and is installing the optional ones.
> I'll see how it works out.
> As far as usenet goes, you can install a server to only
> serve a handful of groups, though you have to point
> your newsreader directly at the server.  This is the
> quick and dirty way to get started.  Eventually, it's
> best to make a group under the traditional hierarchy.
> Thanks,
> -Kevin
Thanks for letting me know. If it fails to work out, let me
know and we can try to work something out. Also, note that
seul.org is located almost directly on the northeast backbone
in the US, so we're likely to be much faster and more accessible
than most other sites. We can also offer specific services rather
than hosting the whole thing (eg ftp site, or an extra DNS secondary
is always handy, etc).

Good luck,