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SEUL: article on drgeo

(which also links to http://linux.davecentral.com/4574_graphed.html)


One thing Linux has been short of is
easy-to-use educational programs. When
you look for useful software that'll help
teach basic math and science to elementary
school students, you nearly draw a blank.
Except with Dr Geo, which draws shapes
from equations so that students can get a fast, graphical idea of
what geometry is all about without smudging up hundreds of trees
worth of graph paper along the way. 

Dr Geo started as an independent thing but is now part of the
Simple End User Linux [SEUL] project, which exists to make Linux
less of a junior Unix and more useful for ordinary people who do
ordinary things that don't need a lot of network utilities. It's a
great concept. I love it and support it wholeheartedly. The whole
thing is in the best GNU tradition, and is being done by volunteers
all over the world. You might say that SEUL captures the "spirit of
Linux" in the community sense better than all the new commercial
releases put together.