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SEUL: Commercial Port Advocacy Howto

The Simple End-User Linux (SEUL, www.seul.org) project is a volunteer
project to help advocate Linux to home/office users, as well as
encourage the development of end-user-friendly applications and projects.

One of the documents we've written is the 'Commercial Port Advocacy Howto',
available at http://www.seul.org/pub/howto/cpah.html
This document describes how to approach a company to convince them to port
their software to Linux, including tips on what will be effective, what will
be ineffective, etc.

I notice that you're the maintainer of quite a few commercial-oriented
howto's, at www.linuxports.com. Would you be interested in expanding or
maintaining the cpah as well?

I believe Doug has made an sgml version of the document, so we can provide
it in a variety of different formats.

Please let me know if this is interesting to you.