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SEUL: Re: hosting on seul.org

> Hi there,
> I'm the author of various scripts to install and configure sendmail,qmail=
>  and
> Apache/PHP/MySQL. There's been huge interest in them whenever they were p=
> ut on
> freshmeat but I've been looking for a new site to host my own site DemoNi=
> x for
> quite a while as Xoom has started putting frames on their pages :|
> Anyway, check out http://members.xoom.com/xeer/index.html and I'd be inte=
> rested
> in having seul.org host my site in future.
> I also have a Time sheets project there, which I'm in the process of conv=
> erting
> from Perl to PHP so that should generate some interest in the coming week=
> s too..
> Have a look at the stats for my site, notice yesterdays' when I announced=
>  a new
> version of install-sendmail!
> http://ipstat.nts.nl/cgi-bin/stats?name=3Dxeer
> Thanks,
> Donncha.
Thanks for dropping me a note. I looked at the site, and it looks like it
has some interesting ideas. On the other hand, it covers a very broad array
of topics. Usually, sites that the seul project hosts focus on one or a few
problems, and go very indepth on those problems. The demonix site seems to
be an amalgamation of a bunch of different ideas (link lists, tutorials, a
couple of programs, etc), but none of these is as thorough as I would like.
I would hesitate to send somebody to your list of links, because I think
there are other lists out there that are more thorough and better organized.

Another issue is that it isn't directly obvious to me how it's oriented at
the end-user (see http://www.seul.org/what/manifesto.html for a description
of what we think that means).

I'm not saying your site is bad, or even that we won't host it. It's just
that I would be much more comfortable if you picked a couple of points to
address more deeply, and the reasoning for why these points are related to
end-users was more obvious.

I look forward to hearing from you,