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Re: SEUL: Commercial Port Advocacy Howto

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> One of the documents we've written is the 'Commercial Port Advocacy Howto',
> available at http://www.seul.org/pub/howto/cpah.html
> I notice that you're the maintainer of quite a few commercial-oriented
> howto's, at www.linuxports.com. Would you be interested in expanding or
> maintaining the cpah as well?
> I believe Doug has made an sgml version of the document, so we can provide
> it in a variety of different formats.
Yes, I do, in the standard DocBook DTD that sgmltools uses.  Sgmltools
is the program that can translate this source to TeX/DVI/PS/PDF, HTML,
RTF, and plain ASCII.

I have some updates to insert in the CPAH before we turn it over to
anyone else; I'll try to get those done over the long weekend (I'll be
off work Saturday through Tuesday).

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