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Re: SEUL: Re: hosting on seul.org

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> > I'm the author of various scripts to install and configure sendmail,qmail=
> >  and
> > Apache/PHP/MySQL. There's been huge interest in them whenever they were p=
> > ut on
> > freshmeat but I've been looking for a new site to host my own site DemoNi=
> > x for
> > quite a while as Xoom has started putting frames on their pages :|
> > Anyway, check out http://members.xoom.com/xeer/index.html and I'd be inte=
> > rested
> > in having seul.org host my site in future.

> Thanks for dropping me a note. I looked at the site, and it looks like it
> has some interesting ideas. On the other hand, it covers a very broad array
> of topics. Usually, sites that the seul project hosts focus on one or a few
> problems, and go very indepth on those problems.
I looked at his site and I think his install scripts fit very nicely
into what SEUL is trying to do.  However, I agree with Roger that the
links and tutorials aren't really part of what we're here for.

> Another issue is that it isn't directly obvious to me how it's oriented at
> the end-user (see http://www.seul.org/what/manifesto.html for a description
> of what we think that means).
See above. Also, the entire demo scene thing goes right over my head. 
AFAIK, a demo in computer terms is a non-functional implementation of
the interface for a program that's primarily used for demonstration and
sales purposes.  I'm pretty sure that isn't what he means here; just
what _are_ demos in these terms?  At any rate, I don't think they're
oriented toward the end user so much as the demo developer subculture
(whatever that is).

> I'm not saying your site is bad, or even that we won't host it. It's just
> that I would be much more comfortable if you picked a couple of points to
> address more deeply, and the reasoning for why these points are related to
> end-users was more obvious.

Well, I'd propose that we could provide web, cvs, and ftp space for the
install scripts at least.  You know, the standard stuff we offer anyone
with useful programs that go toward the SEUL purpose.  However, I think
we have to be careful about becoming a site for personal homepages for
people who have programs we want to foster.  That could dilute our focus
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