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Re: SEUL: New Image

In message <>, cbhiii-linux@ic.net 
>Added a couple of more tweaks... bottom blue bar and trying out the space
>in the top blue bar as maybe some sort of a menu in the future or a
>headline area.

I don't like color sample #3, because the left-hand chunk is significantly
darker than the main chunk. This means that the border between them looks
vaguely like a scroll bar, and I get confused into thinking it might be
a framed page. As for the others, they all seem pretty similar to me. Looks
good, in terms of layout.
Have people been giving thought to content? Should we add a 'recent news'
section to the front page, so people don't have to go digging for it? That
puts a bit of a burden on us to make sure it's up to date, but I think
that's a good thing.

>I'm surprised that I haven't heard more feedback. Maybe everyone's out
>thinking of good ideas... or maybe they think it does suck and just can't
>bring themselves to say it! Ya, that's it. (Ha Ha Ha)

A lot of the people here are working on other things -- they think it would
be neat to have a more uptodate (and frameless!) website, but they're
hoping they can abstract it away. :)

I'm willing to go with whatever you think looks good (once we've got
the content straightened out, of course)