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SEUL: Re: Educational OS project

I have read through everything on the 'edos' (education project in Missouri)
web site (http://www.edos.org) and what I could read (English part) of the
'Scholar Net' web site (education project in Mexico)
(http://www.linux.org.mx/arturo/scholar). Just a comment, 'Scholar Net'
proposes to place 7 computers on average running Linux in 140,000 sites in 5
years. This is a million more computers running Linux something like a 10%
increase. Not insignificant. Also not insignificant is the number of Mexican
students and teachers who will be using these computers, on average 20
students and teachers per computer or 20 million people. What if these
students and teachers were to contribute something back to the Linux
community, such as some simple 'Taskhelps'.  Since they would be in Spanish, a
Spanish-to-English translation could be accomplished by Spanish students
learning English and English students learning Spanish.  I am always looking
for opportunities for parallel processing, namely accomplishing 2 or more
things at the same time, such as doing something useful while learning a new
language. This is just one of the ideas I have for putting the world to work
on Linux. All you need is for people to contribute an hour a week or month
doing some little useful thing and just think what could be accomplished. Both
Doug and Pete have said a number of things on education. Doug tried to get a
discussion started on education on both seul-research and seul-dev-apps. After
thinking about it, I am  going to start an 'education' thread on seul-pub.
Even if I only end up talking to myself, I will still end up with a far
clearer idea of how to address the education issue. Considering what all has
been happening, makes it all the more relevant to enhance the SEUL web site.
Hopefully we can get this done quickly.