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SEUL: Education

Just to get this thread started, here is a list of some educational

edos an education project in Missouri

Scholar Net an education project in Mexico

Portland Linux Users Group PLUG for Education

The following is a quote from The People's Revolution by Eric Wilson
"For example, Kylie Davies, a Melbourne-based university student studying
social work, has been actively pursuing Federal politicians and candidates
about funding a group she calls ComputerBank.
Her vision is for ComputerBank to reload old 386 PCs tossed out by
corporations with lightweight, free Linux applications, for distribution to
kids in low-income families who can't afford a new PC. So it seems free
Linux will go where Windows won't, and every copy ships with the free
GNU C/C++ compiler, enabling every user to also be a potential Linux
I was unsuccessful finding anything on this project with AOL Find.
I have seen several recent posts to seul-pub with .au. Perhaps someone
closer to the scene could  provide a link to more information.

Some thoughts on the above. Mexico is making the right move, namely,
going to Linux. Expects rest of Central America to follow. Will be an
example for many other nations. The US, Canada, Europe much harder
due to the presence of the Hardware Software Complex (similar to the
Military Industrial Complex). In the case of Mexico, it is much easier to
start with behind the state of the art applications and go for the long term
benefit of free software. For the short term, we could put together a list of
free applications that would make sense for these projects to use. For the
longer term, we could put together a list of applications which should be
developed and see if we could make it a goal of the free software
community (Software in the Public Interest, Free Software Foundation or
whoever). A key idea to get across is for these projects to give back
something to the Linux community for what they are getting. I have been
really disappointed at the Linux implementation articles I've read in the
Journal. They rarely mention that  they gave back anything to the Linux

As soon as I get the chance, I will pull together from the archieves the key
ideas of what Doug and Pete have already said on education to see where
we can go from there.