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SEUL: Web Site Content

I saw all the new posts. I wrote the following during the day and I am going
to put it out as I wrote it.

It's obvious we have totally different ideas on the web site content because
we are trying to accomplish totally different things. You want to appeal to
people that are surfing around while I want instant access to Linux

The thought struck me today while I was accessing information from the Linux
Journal web site. The home page is (http://www.linuxjournal.com). There I can
click on 'Linux Resources' and head on down the tree to what I want. I can
accomplish the same thing with (http://www.linuxresources.com) bypassing the
front page. So we can set the web site up with the front page and so on for
surfers and a link to (might as well call it Linux Resources) with 'Linux
Resources' having a simple alias URL. 'Linux Resources' with a simple URL can
then be set up for fast information retrieval. Perhaps Chuck can advise us on

I was going to list the things Roger wanted on the front page but I now want
to think through everything that's happened. Many times I've been through the
'gotta have it right now' thing. It's always been a disaster. The only things
that turn out are those that are thought through. We need to think where do we
want to be next year, five years from now, ten years from now. We need to
decide what do we really want to accomplish. We're in it not for tomorrow but
for the long haul.