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Re: SEUL: Various educational software stuff

Bill Stephenson writes:
>I hope to get over to the Reeds Springs Vo-Tech this week and take a
>look at
>their hardware. I've been told that the kids there build their own
>so this sounds like a great place for me to get my hands dirty on a
>level. If I can set up 6-8 computers there we'll have a place to let
>Missouri teachers get some hands on experience with Linux. 

I take it this is like a mini classroom. The Vo-tech students set it up and
the Missouri teachers try it out. You might want to set up one of the
computers as a server for the others. Also try to see if you can come up with
an old Apple computer. They are in use in many classrooms and if they could be
kept in use using Linux that would be the ultimate in savings.

>And now for another of my thoughts on this project. What if you go to
>commercial sponsors for $$ to fund development and support of this
>This is my thinking, you sell the "Splash" screen of a given app to the
>corporation that funds it.  This could be done on a yearly basis. 

>There are obvious drawbacks to the above and much that would need to be
>worked out for this to implemented. I offer it for discussion. 

Last resort. It was brought up out here to get money putting advertising in
schools. You'll get KDE vs Gnome.