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Re: SEUL: edos project

Bill Stephenson writes:
>I'm trying to come up with some ways to fund developers who will work on
>free educational apps. This seems like a cause that might work well with
>corporate sponsorships. I've been talking to colleagues about government
>grants too. Both of these sources are viable. Distribution of these funds
>(if any become available) needs to be addressed.  Is there a current working
>model of this in the Linux community?

Yes. The Gnome project (http://www.gnome.org) is going to be utilized by
Scholar Net. Software in the Public Interest (SPI) (http://www.spi-inc.org) is
a non profit organization that funnels tax deductable donations to projects
like Gnome. Keeping the educational development effort together will provide a
synergy whereby edos and Scholar Net will benefit from each other.