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Re: SEUL: edos project

Bill Stephenson wrote:
> I must admit that I don't really even know right now what software these
> K-12 teachers are using. I assume they have interactive apps that help with
> reading, math, etc.  One of the teachers I spoke with recently showed me the
> grade tracking software the school just starting using.
> [...] It would be nice for parents to be able to access their
> children's grades on a somewhat real time basis too eh?.
Figuring out what programs would be necessary/desireable is the biggest
part of the job, I think.  Once that's mostly done everything is fairly
straightforward.  As to parent's accessing their children's grades
on-line, won't privacy issues come up there?  I know that here at the
university parents can't get access to that kind of information without
either the students giving permission or some sort of sign-off by
somebody in management.

>  As an example, would the
> Gimp developers create a version for "first graders" if we could find funds?
> Do we ask them if they can find the funds for this? Or, do we find
> developers and try to find to funds so they can eat while working on the
> source code of gimp.
Is GIMP the best code base to work on for this sort of thing?  Just to
make sure we're talking about the same thing, I'm thinking about
something similar to Kid Pix Studio, which is more of a paint program
with lots of special effects, limited animation, and sound.  I think
beefing up something like xpaint might be a better way to go than trying
to cut down GIMP.  I don't hold that belief with anything like religious
fervor, though; if I'm wrong I'll cheerfully change my mind.

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