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SEUL: Various educational software stuff

Bill Stephenson sent this to me at my work account.  I'm copying it here
with his permission.



This sounds great!

I can set up a software links page for downloading educational apps that
released under GNU now if you like. If they are not to large I can host
at edos.org. I'll have to look around but I think I've seen a few at the
perl sites I visit.

I will post Micah's launcher and readme if that's OK with him.

I hope to get over to the Reeds Springs Vo-Tech this week and take a
look at
their hardware. I've been told that the kids there build their own
so this sounds like a great place for me to get my hands dirty on a
level. If I can set up 6-8 computers there we'll have a place to let
Missouri teachers get some hands on experience with Linux. 

I live near Branson Missouri. In case you're not familiar with Branson,
should tell you that it is a family oriented vacation destination with
of touristy stuff.

I would like know if It would be worth while to try and schedule a sort
conference here. I am sure I can arrange some deeply discounted rooms
free show and attraction tickets for those who attend. (I'll try and get
rooms for free ;) We should be able to use the Reeds Springs Vo-Tech for

And now for another of my thoughts on this project. What if you go to
commercial sponsors for $$ to fund development and support of this
This is my thinking, you sell the "Splash" screen of a given app to the
corporation that funds it.  This could be done on a yearly basis. 

There are obvious drawbacks to the above and much that would need to be
worked out for this to implemented. I offer it for discussion. 

Bill Stephenson

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