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Re: SEUL: Various educational software stuff

> I will post Micah's launcher and readme if that's OK with him.

It's OK with me - but don't imply that it's anywhere close to usable!  I
threw it out mainly as an idea/proof of concept type thing!

Actually if people like the idea, I don't think it would take more than
a few hours to get it into a somewhat usable state.  It's not that
complicated of a program.

> level. If I can set up 6-8 computers there we'll have a place to let
> Missouri teachers get some hands on experience with Linux.

Yeah!  This is great!  This is something LUGs all over the country
should be doing.  Unfortunately, there's none here in Salem, OR... 
maybe I'll start one eventually, but not now...

> And now for another of my thoughts on this project. What if you go to
> commercial sponsors for $$ to fund development and support of this
> software.

Hmmm.  I'd say NFS grants would be a better bet.  But any way you could
do it is fine with me.