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Re: SEUL: Keep 'em coming...

> I've been getting your web site content thoughts and ideas. I plan to add
> them to the test page only using color scheme #4, starting Tuesday.

Chuck -- I already took scheme#4 and added a lot of stuff to it. You
can see that in the index2.html file in your public_html, or at
Basically, I think most of the content we want is there. All that
remains is prettying up the page -- uncenter the middle part, make the
contact info at the bottom smaller, and generally spiffying it up.

Of course, if you look at it and say "my god, that's not the correct
size for all browsers", then it will get a bit more complex. :)

But anyway, please start with the index2.html since it has more useful
things in it.

Doug: you've got ~15 characters to describe your CPAH in such a way that
people know what they're clicking on from the front page. :) Let me know
if you come up with anything.
> More tomorrow or so...