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Re: SEUL: Keep 'em coming...

'Volunteer Work Available' should be clickable because it really shows up a
lot better than 'Volunteer Work' on the left side.

'Market Research' sounds good like we're going to market something but are we
doing that. I guess we're going to market ideas. Would just plain 'Survey' be

Mission Statement
Wayne was writting a script to make Linux easier to install. But other than
that I don't think we're doing anything to make Linux easier to install and
use. What about:
SEUL is a volunteer project to help Linux become the operating system of
choice for the average user. This would encompass everything from advocacy to
educational software.

I guess we're trying to get this done for tomorrow's news release about seul-
It's a lot better than before but still needs lots of work. I think we should
have an ongoing effort on improving the web site. I still like seul-web. Again
I would combine  the survey effort with the web site effort since they are
closely linked. Also I wouldn't rush the survey out. You only get one shot and
I would be sure what you really want on it.