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Re: SEUL: Keep 'em coming...

In message <5644878f.3647af44@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>'Volunteer Work Available' should be clickable because it really shows up a
>lot better than 'Volunteer Work' on the left side.

Yes, just about everything will be clickable on the final product. I
haven't made things into links yet, since the page hasn't been put into
place. I can do this easily when we want to put the page into place.
(Assuming we come up with a color scheme that makes links legible...)

>'Market Research' sounds good like we're going to market something but are we
>doing that. I guess we're going to market ideas. Would just plain 'Survey' be

Well, seul-research is for more than just a survey. We're working on a survey
now (well, we were), but that doesn't mean we won't move on to do the
user-monitoring idea that Karsten mentioned, or any other market research
type things. The seul-research is not just a survey subproject.

>Mission Statement
>Wayne was writting a script to make Linux easier to install. But other than
>that I don't think we're doing anything to make Linux easier to install and
>use. What about:

jg_yiyus@jet.es and several others are working off and on to make the redhat
installer better. We have a basic install spec that gets perhaps a dozen hits
a day. We'd like to work more of the installer, if more people like that
show up. So I don't think it's completely out of place.

Similarly, there are groups working on making Linux easier to use.
Independence is working on a distribution which requires fewer tweaks by
the user; gEDA and FreeHDL are working on free implementations of programs
which are usually only available by large commercial companies, to
"encourage" them to port their programs to Linux and sell them for cheap
(thus helping the snowball effect of companies wanting to port to Linux).
Linuxkb is trying to develop a knowledge base that will efficiently and
effectively answer questions. WXftp is certainly designed to make Linux
easier to use. Don't confuse the projects we're working on in this mailing
list with the whole of seul's goals. Check out
www.seul.org/what/manifesto.html for a summary of our real Mission Statement.

>SEUL is a volunteer project to help Linux become the operating system of
>choice for the average user. This would encompass everything from advocacy to
>educational software.
>I guess we're trying to get this done for tomorrow's news release about seul-

Doug: when do you intend to announce seul-edu? What I think we should
consider is getting everything ready so it will be announceable at roughly
the same time, so people on seul-announce (do you realize we haven't sent
mail to seul-announce in several months?) will actually get the impression
(heh) that something is happening.

>It's a lot better than before but still needs lots of work. I think we should
>have an ongoing effort on improving the web site. I still like seul-web. Again

I agree. That's why seul-pub-www is around.

>I would combine  the survey effort with the web site effort since they are
>closely linked. Also I wouldn't rush the survey out. You only get one shot and
>I would be sure what you really want on it.

Can you elaborate on the link between them? It isn't obvious to me..