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Re: SEUL: Keep 'em coming...

Just to clean up some web page stuff. First Roger just wrote:

>Can you elaborate on the link between them? (survey and web site added for
clarity) It isn't obvious to me.

It comes from the way I think about things. Generally very different from
other people. It would be different if we were in the business of writing
surveys for people. However we're doing this survey for our own purposes. It's
related to who we are and what are goal is. Same thing for the web site. It's
related to who we are and what are goal is. Both should be saying the same
thing. Both are related to the same goal (mission statement) whatever one
wants to call it. This is why I've continually been saying "What is the goal".
This is why I've said "The survey is not the goal (It would be if we were in
the business of writing surveys for people). It is a means to a goal. The goal
or purpose of SEUL." Anyway don't  try to understand how I think.

Roger wrote:
>I agree that we'll want a "seul people" page at some point. Should it
>be off the "about seul" page, or off the front page? Argument against
>the front page: it's not Crucial, and takes up space. argument towards:
>it might make people more excited about working if they're publically

On another web site, I saw it done effectively by having a front page link
like 'people' to a people page where the people are listed with what they are
working on. From there some of the people had a link to their own personal web

Roger also wrote:
>We can rename this to "End-user resources" and make it more prominent,
>provided we commit to fleshing it out. I think that's a good plan.
>can we change the section 'End Users' to something more broad? I'd like to
>just call it 'Users', but that becomes ambiguous. This section includes
>documents that are good to read, as well as the 'end-user resources' (links)
>section. I think the links section could feasibly be split up into several
>topics, and then we'd have url's for each topic from the front page. Would
>that help what you're looking for, Bob?
>how about an 'Advocacy' section, which would include "Why Linux?",
>advocacy" (pointing to a page listing the cpah and similar)
>i'd like to explicitly include the 'todo' section. Is there a better name for
>this? 'volunteer work'?

Several points (by the way I wrote this before I saw your latest post)
1. I'm interested in the web site in general because I view it as critical.
2. I know there has been some discussion of the front page in seul-pub, but I
want to discuss the web site in general.
3. Roger, I want to do the above but since we have such different views we
need to discuss it first.
4. I propose that once we get the new front page out, let's start over and
discuss how we can get to a first class web site.

Note: I've found that when I look in the archives the email URLs have become
links. I can click on them and I go to the web site. That's pretty neat. That
suggests that I can just write out the 'User Resources' and they can just be
put right into a web page.

Roger replies:
>I don't think I quite understand what you're getting at here. As for having
>documents on the seul webpage, and people grab parts of them, do some
>modifications, then send that notepad (ascii) back to the author in mail,
>then the author can modify the original and it will all be updated, sure,
>that works. It's not quite as cool as it would be if it were completely
>automated, but that's much trickier to implement well. Only if things are
>*really* broken would anybody have to retype anything. Cut and paste will
>(should) always work, no matter what the issue. 

When I send an email it comes back to me because I'm on the mailing list.
However sometimes it comes back formatted differently than what I sent. When I
look at email in the archives sometimes it's formatted differently than what I
sent. I haven't looked into it enough to determine exactly what's happening
but I believe one has to stick to certain rules. This is what I was after do
certain rules exist and if so what are they. I suppose trying it one will