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SEUL: New webpages update

So I did some more updating of the sample front webpage.

Take a look at

Give me comments on layout, content, and color. If nobody hates it
too much, we'll go with what we have right now. Note that the color
of the links is different for index2 than for indexdev2 -- we should
pick the one we prefer, and go with that color for both of them.

Note that "used" links are greenish, which I think is a nice color.
But if you have a suggestion for a better color, by all means, suggest.
(Maybe we should swap the greenish with the reddish on the front page
(that is, swap the color of the used and unused link, since the green
stands out more than the red for Windows machines (but the purple
stands out better under Linux. ugh.))

Actually, check out
for a list of colors (in their correct color against the background
we intend to use), and send to seul-pub a list including
* colors you like (please choose perhaps a half dozen, ordered if you
feel like it)
* which browser and OS you're using.

Apparently the colors are way different on different browsers and OS's,
so I figure if there are any colors that everybody likes, we should go
with them. :)