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Re: SEUL: Keep 'em coming...

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Doug: when do you intend to announce seul-edu? What I think we should
> consider is getting everything ready so it will be announceable at roughly
> the same time, so people on seul-announce (do you realize we haven't sent
> mail to seul-announce in several months?) will actually get the impression
> (heh) that something is happening.
I was thinking about doing it today, but I'll wait for a couple of days
for everything to get setup for a, "New!  Improved!  Brighter brights!! 
Whiter whites!!!"  SEUL joint announcement if you like.  I think we
should announce to seul-announce one day before sending to the rest of
the world, just to justify having seul-announce.  If we don't, why
bother with it?

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