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Re: SEUL: Re: hosting tsinvest? (fwd)

> On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Doug Loss wrote:
> > I don't mind getting involved in non-GPLed projects if they otherwise
> > substantially meet our guidelines, but John's response makes me wonder
> > if we might be open for some legal liability if we host this site.  
> > I'd really lik to not get tangled up with lawyers if at all possible.
> I would tend to agree with Doug.  If Simple End User Linux hosts this then
> the program must be "simple" to use and make money with right?  What?  I
> just lost $50K in junk bonds?  Well obviously it's wasn't so simple and
> that's false advertising.
> Furthermore, while I think this is worthwhile project, I don't see how it
> fits within the goals of SEUL as I know them.
Actually, "the end goal of the SEUL project is to have a comprehensive suite
of high-quality applications available under the GPL." (quoted from a faq
that doesn't exist but should :)

We're allowed to do some things that only further this goal indirectly,
such as publicity for why a company (any company) should consider a Linux
port for their software, such as hosting development for any application
that might increase public awareness or opinion of Linux, etc.

Basically, our mission is to increase the current snowball effect as much
as we can. World domination, the sooner the better. :)