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Re: SEUL: Hello anyone here

I'm out here.  I thought I might let people know where I stand.  It's an
exam week and so I haven't put too much time in on the FAQ updating, but I
have done some...hoping to do more this weekend when I go to work.
Interesting sidenote things- I think on an internet search I may have
found "Linux for Beginners" documents regarding installation of Linux and
what to do when you've finished...basics of system maintainence, etc.  I
think they'll get linked into the FAQ somewhere on "Where can newbies
learn more" or something like that.  Anyways...the FAQ is shaping up
nicely.  I haven't gotten a lot of it written down yet, but basically I'm
migrating it from a "What kind of distribution is SEUL?" FAQ to a "What is
SEUL, how do they help the community, and how can I make a difference