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Re: SEUL: Hello anyone here

I've been a bit remiss too: The page hasn't been updated in over a week
now. I'm going home for the weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) and will be
working on page updates there.
     A couple of things of note. I've been talking up SEUL with some
unixphiles in Ottawa and Peterborough lately, and they have since
visited the web site. One of them is quite interested in sdoc, as it
would be quite useful to him professionally (for user surveys at a
university), so I'm going to try to convince him that he (or more
appropriately, a student that he'll hire) wants to get sdoc working.

cuplan@grove.ufl.edu wrote:
> Interesting sidenote things- I think on an internet search I may
> have found "Linux for Beginners" documents regarding installation
> of Linux and what to do when you've finished...basics of system
> maintainence, etc.
     Wow! Where was this when I needed it a couple of months ago?!!? :)
Seriously though, if there is some way of either making a list of good
beginner references available on the distribs themselves (better) or
writing the thing itself (not as good) and including it with the
distribs, then I think we'll be fulfilling our mandate.

> I think they'll get linked into the FAQ somewhere on "Where can
> newbies learn more" or something like that.
     Perhaps one of the questions we can ask ourselves as informed Linux
users is how can we make it easier for the user to progress from the "I
just installed Linux. Now what?" stage to the point where they can be
productive. This could take several forms, from making a list of
newsgroups and mailing lists where users can get help to a list of
docunentation and other resources on the web. The goal of the exercise
should be to make the user as independant as possible as early as
possible; those who need help should be able to get it, but should also
be able to try to resolve problems in their own, because it is in their
own best interest to be informed.



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