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SEUL: Linux Porting Advocacy

I'd like to suggest one addition to your fine advocacy letter. 

Many developers in the educational and entertainment software industries 
have a tough time justifying any additional costs, as development costs 
are already spiraling out of control. It is therefore unlikely that many 
such companies will be willing to commit any resources to service 
'secondary' markets such as Linux.

The key to winning the the support of these companies is to show them a 
way to reap the benefits of the secondary markets without incurring any 
of the costs. Several developers offer Mac ports of their products, but 
almost no one does the port themselves. It's done by an outside porting 

Why bring this up? My company, Loki Entertainment Software, specializes 
in porting best selling game software to Linux. We are currently in 
negotiations with several major PC entertainment software companies to 
license the rights to create a Linux port of their products. Of course, 
we're eager to hear from anyone with a major title and an interest in 
licensing a Linux version. 

If, in the process of your advocacy, you encounter a company who might be 
interested in licensing a Linux port, we would greatly appreciate your 
making them aware of our services.

Scott Draeker
Loki Entertainment Software

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