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Re: SEUL: Hello anyone here

Real quick before I lose the computer for the day. Several additions
to Roger's thoughts. First concerning more links, this is a great idea.
Currently I use the list of links on the Linux Journal's web site because
it is so extensive. Unfortunately it is poorly organized. Recently I spent
considerable time over 3 days looking for a link I knew I'd seen before
I found it. I would be willing to help organize the list of links as well as
provide the URL's to things I think should be there. Then I could make
SEUL the place I go to for Linux information. This has been one of the
thoughts I've had for what I would like to see SEUL accomplish. Last
thought I know this is getting ahead of things, but an expert system is
certainly something  to eventually be considered. Although minor, I do
have some knowledge of expert systems. I also see the potential of an
expert system involved in educational software.