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SEUL: How do I say it

From the post on "Reorganization" Roger writes:

But anyway..this is just part of a broader thread that I would like to
start. We need to rethink how the seul project is presented to the public --
currently we're doing some pretty neat things, but I don't think it's
catching the public's attention enough to get us many more workers.

I want to get people together and figure out which projects we should be
focusing on, how we can divide labor to get stuff done, and most importantly
how we can attract the right new people -- there are plenty of people
looking at our website each day, and I'm sure they'd be more psyched to work
if "their particular project" were being worked on. And either it's being
worked on somewhere else, in which case we need to be able to know to point
them to it, or somebody (they) should start it, here.

I've been pondering the above trying to decide how to address it. So
here it goes. The following is my attempt to separate out the pieces.

1. How to present SEUL to the public especially to catch their attention.
	To me it says redesign the SEUL web site. I have already made a
	few mumblings about this. I now have a rough outline and will put it
	out in a separate post.

2. How to get more workers especially the right ones.
	Pete has a good idea. Involve those around you. Also, professors
	looking for a class project. Students looking for a project/thesis.
	Someone with some spare time. I believe there is a large pool of the
	right people in the world's educational systems. How to tap them. A
	small business owner once told me, we don't advertise, we have as
	much business as we can handle. Their advertising was satisfied
	customers. For SEUL, get things really happening. It will sell itself.
	On the net word travels at the speed of light.

3. Which projects to focus on.
	The most critical project to focus on first is this one, "Reorganisation".
	Without a highly organized structure you will not be able to effectively
	utilize more people. By the way where are the other 4 that were
	supposedly interested in helping. Maybe they are busy working on
	things and just haven't surfaced yet.

4. How to divide labor to get stuff done.
	I will address this in the web site redesign post.

5.0 How to have something for everyone.
5.1 Somewhere else and point them to it.
5.2 Have them start it here.
	If you're going to have something for everyone, this says to me
	your going to be involved in everything. This is not as scary as
	it might seem. There have been several things on my mind and
	this may be as good a time as any to say them.

	How things are designed. It doesn't matter if one is designing a
	bridge, a piece of software or a web site, the process is the same.
	Top down design. One doesn't start building a bridge pier before
	one knows what load it's going to carry. One starts with finding out
	the purpose of the bridge. Is it going to carry freight trains or
	whatever. Once the project is scoped out, one lists all the steps
	required to complete the project. Next the dependencies are
	determined. For example can A and B be done concurrently or
	does B depend on completing A. One can then lay out a timeline
	and determine costs, etc. Personally I've been involved in projects
	ranging from working with nuts and bolts to designing a large
	software system. This is why I'm continually saying define your
	goal. Once this is done, it's all downhill.

	While I'm at it, I also want to address Doug's concern of endless
	discussions. My concept of a discussion is to get all the facts on
	the table, make a decision and get something done.

	Ok I owe you two posts.