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Re: SEUL: Article by Alan Cox

EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
> There is an article by Alan Cox titled:
> Cathedrals, Bazaars and the Town Council on
> http://slashdot.org/features/98/10/13/1423253.shtml

I read that.  What I took from it was that our best bet to actually get
something going in our various projects is to have one or two people
develop something (the survey, an app, a howto :-) ) and drop it onto
the appropriate mailing list for comment and modification rather than to
try to get something started in an open forum from first principles.  At
this point the survey and my howto are so far as I know the only actual
products that SEUL actually has under development.  Micah's game, his (I
think) stock market simulator, and someone's common database for
educational software (that one's from a while ago) might also fit the
description but I don't think they're available for project
development.  We need to have some base product that can be studied and
modified/enhanced if we're to come up with anything to further our
goals.  Having said that, when I get the time to actually start the
educational software project I'll have to try to work up something to
put out as a basis for work rather than to run a "gee wouldn't it be
nice" discussion forum.

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