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Re: SEUL: Article by Alan Cox

Doug Loss wrote:

> products that SEUL actually has under development.  Micah's game, his (I
> think) stock market simulator, and someone's common database for
> educational software (that one's from a while ago) might also fit the

If you're talking about an automated menu for educational software, that
keeps track of students' levels in each one, I was working on that too. 
:-)  Is there another "database"?

I actually did get stuff done on that.  I tried to put it into CVS once
but it didn't seem to work...

But anyway, before I go ahead with that, I should talk to a few other
people to make sure it's a good idea.....

> development.  We need to have some base product that can be studied and
> modified/enhanced if we're to come up with anything to further our

That really is the way it works.  I think almost all successful open
source projects started by someone having modest goals and releasing
some almost-working code.

And I'm working on and/or thinking about working on too much stuff. 
:-)  Another thing that I haven't mentioned here is an airline simulator
game, something I've wanted for a LONG time.  Sort of the airline
equivelent of Railroad Tycoon.  I've been playing with that idea some
lately and have some preliminary code.  It's gonna get messy though....