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SEUL: RPM interface

cuplan@grove.ufl.edu wrote:

> > Hmm.  You mean RPM?  I think that base is covered.  :-)
> Not really.  If I can speak frankly about RPM, it's the bane of a RedHat
> system.  I cannot stand RPM.  It doesn't provide adequate user input or
> feedback to be successful.  The graphical version in X is better, but it's
> not enough, IMHO.  Moreover, RPM is useless for the good old
> configure/compile/install technique.

I am working on an interactive front end to RPM that would make the upgrade
process easier. I have found when instructing end users at work that what
tends to trip them up is not the lack of a pretty interface, but the necessity
of having to remember an endless series of command line switches.

When I finish the script, where would be an appropriate place to post it for

Not a total solution, but (IMHO), RPM is about as good as it gets at this time
(And I don't have the ability to write something better).

Wayne Earl
"And the geeks shall inherit the Earth"