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Re: SEUL: Article by Alan Cox

> Hmm.  You mean RPM?  I think that base is covered.  :-)

Not really.  If I can speak frankly about RPM, it's the bane of a RedHat
system.  I cannot stand RPM.  It doesn't provide adequate user input or
feedback to be successful.  The graphical version in X is better, but it's
not enough, IMHO.  Moreover, RPM is useless for the good old
configure/compile/install technique.

Really, I feel RPM causes more problems than it solves.

> Right.  Should we maybe get some people working with GNUmeric and/or
> AbiWord???  Or get some people getting setup info for as many ISPs as
> possible, so that you can select your ISP from a list and you're ready
> to go???  I think that was discussed a while ago.

What about a program that requests modem baud and location, takes the
ISP's phone number, then dials the ISP and prints out what the ISP says.
The point I'm getting at is that, with a little tweaking, a PPP program
could be made that would not only automatically set up the dialing, baud
rate, etc, but would also write its own chat script.  Just a thought.

And, of course, "X-ifying" stuff is always a great help to the end-user.
FWIW, I'm currently writing a GTK frontend to the freeciv server.

Just some thoughts...