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SEUL: Re: FAQ (was: Article by Alan Cox)

cuplan@grove.ufl.edu writes:
>I'm still working on the FAQ, but I've been plowing ahead into a new
>section- Section 5 provides a more detailed look at what different kinda
>of end-users are looking to do with computers and how Linux can be adapted
>to better suit these goals.

Excellent. I look forward to seeing it. If you like, you can check in the
(dev version) faq you're working on, and have it be the one that's actually
on the live website. (Just be sure to put a note at the top indicating
that it is under current development (and include a datestamp on the note,
just for kicks.)) That way people will be able to review it more easily,
and also the live faq will be more up to date than it currently is..

If you have any questions for us here (about the answers to various
faq questions, or which questions seem most appropriate), send them here
and I'll see what I can do.