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Re: SEUL: Article by Alan Cox

> Simple End User Linux. What does that mean to the organization? To me,
> it means the development of a distribution of linux that a normal
> end-user can install and use. Has almost nothing at all to do with the
> posts that I have read here or in the other SEUL lists.

Well, SEUL really isn't focused on making a distribution anymore.  From my
understanding, it's more about trying to get the community to bring Linux
within the grasp of an end-user.  This means things like trying to get
some standard of installing/uninstalling programs (wouldn't it be nice to
keep a registry somewhere of what's been installed where so that you can
locate everything to delete when you want to uninstall a program?), better
home productivity software, easier net access, etc.

I'm still working on the FAQ, but I've been plowing ahead into a new
section- Section 5 provides a more detailed look at what different kinda
of end-users are looking to do with computers and how Linux can be adapted
to better suit these goals.

Anyways...there's the proverbial two pennies.