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Re: SEUL: An idea

Michael Slade wrote:
> A services manager.
> Some Unix systems (generally SYS5-ish ones, I think) have a directory
> /etc/init.d with a list of scripts that start and stop services.  This
> idea could be extended.  There might be a directory /etc/services.d, and
> each file in that directory would contain information about each service
> - how to start it, how to stop it, how to configure it, how to find out
> about it, and what services need to be running for it to work.
Linus has /etc/rc.d/init.d, which is pretty much the same thing as what
you mention above.  Are you thinking about /etc/services.d having
executable files or just informational files?  If just informational, I
think they should go in /usr/doc/<whatever we name the below-mentioned

> The user would get a program that would let her start/stop/configure
> services, somewhat like the services control panel in NT, and there
> would also be a facility to enable the user to find out what any
> particular service actually does.
This sounds feasible.  What services are you thinking of here?  At first
reading this sounds somewhat like Linuxconf.  Is there something else
that you're thinking of, or that Linuxconf doesn't do/does badly?

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