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Re: SEUL: An idea

> A services manager.
> Some Unix systems (generally SYS5-ish ones, I think) have a directory
> /etc/init.d with a list of scripts that start and stop services.  This
> idea could be extended.  There might be a directory /etc/services.d, and
> each file in that directory would contain information about each service
> - how to start it, how to stop it, how to configure it, how to find out
> about it, and what services need to be running for it to work.

Debian uses /etc/init.d for starting services.  There are scripts
there that run things, and they can usually take start/stop/restart

> The user would get a program that would let her start/stop/configure
> services, somewhat like the services control panel in NT, and there
> would also be a facility to enable the user to find out what any
> particular service actually does.

Hmmm...I think I should make a graphical front-end to start and
stop services on my box.