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Re: SEUL: The website

At 10:13 AM 10/19/98 EDT, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>Now, sdoc was a good idea, somewhere along the line. I don't think it's such
>a great idea currently. This means that if you want to do a webpage for
>seul, you either
>* make use of sdoc, use .sdoc as the suffix for your file, and it will
>  handle it for you
>* use .html as your suffix, and sdoc never enters the picture.

This is welcome news! Then I will simply BYPASS sdoc by using html
extension like normal.

>Another point to address: I think Chuck (and probably others) are using
>windows. I much prefer people to use ssh to connect to cran. This works
>fine because there's a ttssh (teraterm pro with ssh plugin) program out
>there. However, ttssh doesn't support scp (secure copy, like ftp). Which
>means that Chuck is probably having a heck of a time trying to move his
>files from his home PC to cran, where they will be useful. 

That was going to be my next hurdle! Glad you beat me to it. I am using
ttssh now and will be able to upload thanks to the procedure you included.

And thanks for the clarification on updating files in our directory before
making changes.

I'll let you know how it goes...

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