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Re: SEUL: The website

> Another point to address: I think Chuck (and probably others) are
> using windows. I much prefer people to use ssh to connect to cran.
> This works fine because there's a ttssh (teraterm pro with ssh
> plugin) program out there. However, ttssh doesn't support scp
> (secure copy, like ftp). Which means that Chuck is probably having
> a heck of a time trying to move his files from his home PC to cran,
> where they will be useful.
     Yeah, I'm using straight ftp to do it into my account. This is, of
course, a potential risk if anyone is packet sniffing; I've d/l'ed
TeraTerm with the code for ssh, but have been kinda swamped and haven't
had the time to figure out how to compile it yet.

[Roger's explanation of the repository]

> Aiee. I get the feeling I've introduced more confusion than I've
> solved, with this mail. Please ask questions. :)
     Actually, you've solved quite a few for me right now. Give me a a
few hours and I should be able to start playing with it.



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