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SEUL: Frames on the website

An issue I forgot to cover in my last mail: the current website uses
frames. This is cool, because it's easy to keep organized, and it's
easy to provide a left-hand navbar for going anywhere in the website.
This sucks, because, well, frames suck.

If we make the frames go away, then we:
* should remove references in our text to "click foo in the navbar to
  the left"
* should remove the frames from both www.seul.org/ and www.seul.org/dev/

If we do this, we need to figure out some way of making the site
navigatable easily.
* Make each page have a frame-like-thingie on the lefthand side. This
  would be made trivial by sdoc, but sdoc is not a solution we should
  rely on at this point. We could do it by hand; in particular, we could
  do it to only "high-level" pages (eg the top level of each hierarchy),
  and the lower-level pages would be navbarless.

What are the usual solutions that people use for this sort of thing?
Does somebody want to argue the position "we should use frames anyway"?