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RE: SEUL: The website

The biggest reason is ease.  I just changed the location of the "developer's
corner" on debian.  All I had to do is edit two files (menubar.wml  for the
index page and navbar.wml for all pages) and rerun a make.  Most (and soon all)
debian pages include the same "heading"  They were all updated at once (to see
the header... look at http://www.debian.org/index and/or

Also, ease of coding. Any time there is a new news feature comes across the
wire, someone can take the news.form file, copy it to an appropriate name
(we've decided YYYYMMDD.wml) make a few changes and all the news articles look
the same.  The time to code news articles is cut dramaticly.  

Also, we can change the format of the "global look" by changing a
few template files, etc.  Same thing while I was working on the core/layers
specs here.  Omega changed the look after I started and I didn't have to change
a thing.  He just changed a global sdoc file.

Those are some advantages of using a program to carve up a web *SITE*. 
Especially a large one.  I wouldn't recommend these on anything "small" (an
admittedly arbitrary figure)

On 19-Oct-98 Chuck Huffman wrote:
> What are the advantages of using a program to carve up a web page? Why do
> we choose to use sdoc, or maybe in the future chpp or wml? Why can't we
> just upload a basic HTML file to the server and have people see it just as
> it is?
> Am I missing something here? I just don't understand the benefits of this
> extra step.

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