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SEUL: Webmaster?

So who is THE webmaster... what I mean is, who is leading this change?

Do I have the power to just go into CRAN and change our main page to
something similar to my sample page?
(http://ic.net/~cbhiii/seul/index.html) Or do we submit to you Roger before
we do this? That's fine if I have the power to change the main page, but is
everyone okay with me doing that kind of thing?

I do see that people are making changes here and their to the site, which
is good, but is there a person that know what everyone else is working on?
As far as the web output goes only.

Feedback from all requested...

Chuck Huffman                      Huffman Connection Center
mailto:cbhiii-linux@ic.net             http://ic.net/~cbhiii
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