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Re: SEUL: Webmaster?

 cbhiii-linux@ic.net writes:
>So who is THE webmaster... what I mean is, who is leading this change?

seul-pub-www@seul.org is the webmaster. :) If you want an actual person,
it's whoever steps up and takes the authority. :)

>Do I have the power to just go into CRAN and change our main page to
>something similar to my sample page?
>(http://ic.net/~cbhiii/seul/index.html) Or do we submit to you Roger before
>we do this? That's fine if I have the power to change the main page, but is
>everyone okay with me doing that kind of thing?

Authority through action. If you're doing stuff, then people who aren't
doing stuff don't have the right to complain. :)

But I should probably set some ground rules:

1) If you have a major change in mind, run it by seul-pub-www before you
implement it. Things like 'the front page' fall under this category.
(chuck has already run his sample front page by us, since the url has
been thrown around for several weeks now.)
2) Make damn sure that you didn't break something by checking in the new
version. That is, make sure that the actual page on the website looks like
what you expected it to. If the front page gets broken for more than about
15 minutes, this sucks. A lot.
3) Use good cvs commit messages. That way you don't really need to send a
separate message to seul-pub-www saying "I changed this", because people
are already on seul-commits and will get a message saying which files you
changed and (if you write it) what you did.

>I do see that people are making changes here and their to the site, which
>is good, but is there a person that know what everyone else is working on?
>As far as the web output goes only.

In theory, all of the active seul-pub-www members will know what you're
working on, because they should also be on seul-commits.

As for a single person who keeps track of everything, currently that's me.
But I'd welcome it if somebody else (or multiple people, or even the whole
group) decided that they would pay attention to. I think that things will
divide themselves pretty straightforwardly, into spheres of interest.

It's a nice thought, at least. :)

>Feedback from all requested...