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Re: SEUL: Webmaster?

The only thing I can remember Roger saying is work it out among
yourselves. Doing something is better than doing nothing. At least
one's learning. My only statement was basically that to me there is
much less wasted effort by laying out a plan so that everyone can
see how what they are doing fits in. However Alan Cox says don't
count on it. Anyway I currently have an emailed copy of links.sdoc
which I am in the process of enhancing. This wasn't exactly what
I had in mind when I volunteered to add URLs. However I got a book
on Web Page Design with an accompanying CD-ROM. If only the
CD-ROM drive worked reliably. I stretched the cable. It was so close
to reaching. I also took a look at the current links visiting most of the
web sites. I noticed when I opened the links.sdoc email, I could click
on a link and the web site came up. Unfortunately back (return) took
me out of the email. Bug in AOL. Sorry can't fix it. Don't have the
source. I was left wondering what does Netscape do. This could have
some real possibilities. Send somebody an email where they can bring
up a whole set of web pages. Anyway on Sat. at the "opensoft show"
meeting, the Web gurus explained to me that the reason I didn't see
the URLs in the email was that AOL was interperting them and that I
needed to copy the email to a file for editing. Since I have Linux on
the computer dual booted with Windows 95, I should be able to use
vi to edit the file, so we should be ok. I doubt this is much help but you
asked for feedback from everyone.