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Re: SEUL: Uploading...

In message <>, cbhiii-linux@ic.net 
>At 10:13 AM 10/19/98 EDT, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>>This is the point I mentioned above. This can be done via sz/rz (send
>>zmodem, receive zmodem).
>Can you be more specific. How do I invoke CRAN to reciev a file through
>ZMODEM? What commands in CRAN should I use?

It's been a long time since I've worked over a modem. This may not be
useful with modern windows-based ppp links. But anyway, this is how I did
it in dos 6 years ago (my I feel old..)

connect to the unix box, go to the right directory
type 'rz' on the unix box
then set up your terminal program to 'send zmodem' and give it the right
files. rz will figure out the filenames and deal appropriately.
To transfer files *from* cran, simply do 'sz file1 file2 file3...'
If you've got a good term program, it will auto-detect when it ought
to download, and deal appropriately.

>>Alternatively, it can be done securely via anonymous ftp:
>>upload your file to /pub/seul/incoming/ over anonymous ftp, and then
>>you'll find your file in /home/ftp/pub/seul/incoming/ on cran, and you
>>can mv it to the appropriate place in your repository.
>I could do it this way, but I prefer the above method.