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Re: SEUL: Uploading...

Whoa guys, why don't we just use FTP? Yeah, I know that it isn't as
secure as other things but how far do we need to go to transfer files -
if everyone else is using ssh to check in and out web pages (so that we
can enforce the use of ssh to protect the repository), is ftp'ing the
data to/fro going to compromise the site? Just my $0.01567.

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> It's been a long time since I've worked over a modem. This may not be
> useful with modern windows-based ppp links. But anyway, this is how
> I did it in dos 6 years ago (my I feel old..)
> connect to the unix box, go to the right directory
> type 'rz' on the unix box
> then set up your terminal program to 'send zmodem' and give it the
> right files. rz will figure out the filenames and deal
> appropriately.
> To transfer files *from* cran, simply do 'sz file1 file2 file3...'
> If you've got a good term program, it will auto-detect when it ought
> to download, and deal appropriately.



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