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SEUL: Re: SEUL Webmaster?

Roger writes:
>Er, ick. It's not that complex. Just grab the file I sent you, get
>it into an editor that doesn't try to hide the html from you (such
>editors exist in both windows and linux), and generate more lines
>that look pretty much like the old lines. You don't actually need
>to know html to do it. You just need to pattern match. :)

How about that! Came up fine in "Word".
>If you're going to be booting into linux and editing it from there,
>it may well be simpler to use ttssh, connect to cran, and edit
>the file on cran. That way, you don't have to deal with the hassle
>of transfering the file to/from your home machine.

Absolutely! Once we get another computer and get rid of AOL.