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RE: SEUL: The website

This is a post that got sent to Roger directly, not to the list here it is

>>On 19-Oct-98 Roger Dingledine wrote:
>>> Specific problems with sdoc include the fact that my parser isn't
>>> flexible enough for everything people want to throw at it. (netscape
>>> doesn't follow the strict html spec, and as such people have gotten
>>> used to writing html that breaks spec. Indeed, html-writing-assistants
>>> have gotten used to *generating* html that breaks spec.)
>>But first, why not switch to something already put together such as chpp (it's
>>being developed by looks good) or wml (Debian uses this for their web site)?

>we should do this. we should get somebody to find a good one that is easy to
>figure it out, figure it out, and tell us about it. please send this suggestion
>to the list. (or be the one to figure one out and tell us about it. that would
>be even cooler. :)

On my personal sites, I use chpp, so I'm familiar with it and since I handle
the content at www.debian.org, I'm pretty familiar with (and getting better at)
wml.  What do you want to know to decide and/or do?

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