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Re: SEUL: Uploading...

At 11:23 PM 10/19/98 EDT, Roger Dingledine wrote:
>connect to the unix box, go to the right directory
>type 'rz' on the unix box

I assume that the unix box is what I get when I connect to CRAN using
ttssh. But probably not since rz doesn't work when I type it. So where do I
type rx?

>then set up your terminal program to 'send zmodem' and give it the right
>files. rz will figure out the filenames and deal appropriately.
>To transfer files *from* cran, simply do 'sz file1 file2 file3...'
>If you've got a good term program, it will auto-detect when it ought
>to download, and deal appropriately.
>>>Alternatively, it can be done securely via anonymous ftp:
>>>upload your file to /pub/seul/incoming/ over anonymous ftp, and then
>>>you'll find your file in /home/ftp/pub/seul/incoming/ on cran, and you
>>>can mv it to the appropriate place in your repository.
>>I could do it this way, but I prefer the above method.

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